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Shared Sacred Spaces

In order to expose people to diverse religions by way of their respective architecture, Sacred Space International founder, Suzanne Morgan, decided to commission a collection of architectural models of selected religious structures.
The idea came from a congregation building a new Episcopal Church in Palm Springs, California. The congregation participated in the designing of the structure. A model was constructed showing the interior of the sanctuary with its arrangement of furnishings. Those furnishings were flexible so that the congregation could move them around to visualize how the space would look. This was very helpful in setting their expectations so that as the congregation stepped into their new space, they would not say,
“Oh, I had no idea it would look like this.”
As a way for promoting religious education, Suzanne developed her collection of models, beginning in Chicago with existing structures where she could easily obtain architectural drawings on which to
rely for the dimensions in order to build the models. The models are made in white in order to illustrate clearly the shape of the space and the size, without the complication of color, patterns, art, etc. They were built of foamcore board, museum board, and painted Plexiglas.