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Morgan Model Collection

The Morgan Model Collection has been shown at the Chicago History Museum, North Park University, Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago, the University of Akron in Ohio, and now at the National Hellenic Museum.

The collection of seven includes the following: 

• Four Christian
- Assumption Greek Orthodox Church*
- First Saint Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church o Holy Family Catholic Church*
- St. Benedict the African Catholic Church
• Two Jewish
- Jane Perlman Sanctuary of North Shore Congregation Israel*
- KAM Isaiah Israel Synagogue
• One Unitarian
- Unity Temple

Expanding the Collection
Suzanne wants to enlarge the collection to include models of religious structures from each world religion. Viewing these models in relation to one another can be very helpful in easily noticing and appreciating the commonalities and unique qualities among them.

The architectural model collection would be held in the Sacred Space Museum and Interfaith Center. This project requires outside funding to be completed and would be ideal for display in other museums and educational institutions around the world, which would bring much needed interfaith understanding to audiences of all ages.
*Museum quality model made by professional model maker, Panos Fiorentinos.