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Building Community through Transformational Encounter

Since September 11, 2001, Sacred Space International has convened, connected, and accompanied religious communities in sharing the sacredness of space, tradition and hospitality to foster understanding, trust, and friendship in a diverse world.

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Invitation to a Sacred Journey

In a fractured world often filled with misunderstanding, fear, and discord, the Sharing Sacred Spaces initiative ...offers a new way of approaching difference through interreligious encounter, architecture and hospitality ...brings an experiential dimension to interreligious education ...builds sustainable relationships and inspires wider collaborative civic action.

"If interreligious dialogue is to bear fruit — the fruit of mutual understanding, respect and peace — it needs to be rooted in the specific spiritual space or milieu of each religious tradition...If we are willing to enter into and even dwell for a time in another spiritual space, we will be able to return to the space we call home, enriched by the gifts we have received and prepared to live in peace with those who dwell in a spiritual space that is very different from our own."

—Benoit Standaert

Who We Are

Reaching across disciplinary, cultural, religious, and geographic boundaries to explore the architectural implications of sacred space in an increasingly pluralistic, global society.

The Sharing Sacred Spaces Initiative

The Sharing Sacred Spaces Initiative (SSSI) is designed to build peace among religious communities by sharing sacred spaces.

Our Programs

The Morgan Model Collection
The Sharing Sacred Spaces Initiative
The Architecture of Faith Lectures


Sacred Space International at the Parliament of Worlds Religions

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